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Entertainment & Production


Naturally Caffeinated Entertainment has produced and executive produced shows for live and taped sports, entertainment, social, studio and fitness.  With excellence in a variety of television productions, the skillset includes project management, scripting, creative, knowledge of trending styles & mediums, impromptu speaking, framing, lighting, storytelling, in-depth, behind the scenes stories and reporting, research, editing, communication and execution of finished/polished shows.  


Video streaming, podcasting, Periscope, web-production, social media, on-demand technology and mobile television have become an indispensable way to reach new markets and effectively communicate to the public and private sectors.  Naturally Caffeinated Entertainment provides customized programming, designed for a variety of needs.  Our live production value is professional, chronicled and broadcasted as events unfold.  We collaborate with clients to ensure that production fits the client's specific needs, providing insight and interactive feedback, while adapting to the ever changing medium.


What to expect from Naturally Caffeinated Entertainment


  • Work together with the client (Executive Staff, Marketing, PR, Key Players, Webmaster, Field Contractors, Audio, Visual, Location, Catering, Crew, Talent, etc) to ensure that the production and/or story meets expectations

  • Elevate the team by offering clear objectives, positive guidance and responsibility

  • Lead by example

  • Oversee and manage on site collaboration with client/organization’s facilities and personnel for daily production, live coverage and finished product

  • Perform work within strict deadlines

  • Preparation, dedication, professionalism

2010 - present
2010 - present
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