nat•u•ral•ly caf•fein•ated®

nat•u•ral•ly caf•fein•ated®: adjective

A state of high energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment of life.

A term used to describe individuals who energize their bodies and

their lives through movement, activity, and healthy living.

Years ago, when I was a personal trainer at a gym called The Max in Boulder, Colorado, I needed a business card to hand out to clients. Upon mentioning said desire; a guy behind the counter said, "Caffeinated." "That's what you should call yourself." I replied, "Naturally Caffeinated." And, thus the name was born.

Just to be clear, I love coffee ... with caffeine. When the buzz wears off, I still have a lot of energy. Those who know me would attest to that. Plus, the name is so much fun from a marketing perspective. The cup runneth over with possibilities. It can be addictive. Check out what's brewing?

Wake Up Your Potential.

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