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1K Club on United. That's a traveling claim to fame. Not as impressive as a Global traveler, but worthy of an airline's attention. I've dedicated ten plus years and over one-million miles to the cause. Each year, I aim to hit the 100,000 mark so that I can continue to use the special toll-free customer service number, get the occasional upgrade, better seats, and general LOVE from the airline. Being beholden to an airline goes hand and hand to other traveling must do's. Hotel points, rental car points, credit cards ... routines ... fitness.

In 2003 I was traveling 200 days a year. This was before smart phones and digital access fitness. My idea was simple. Create an in-room workout for travelers and air it in hotel room On-Demand programming so people could stick to their schedules. With the help of a colleague, I wrote up a pitch deck and learned the term, ROI. Made a cold-call to a video-on-demand company and asked for a meeting with the President (who's name I mispronounced). The effort got me through to the Director of Video On Demand & Programming. Drove to the meeting. Made my case and got the response every entrepreneur dreams about. "Yes, we'll take the workouts, pay you "x" per view and we'd like them delivered in a month." YES! Panic. Scramble. Need to create the videos. Find talent, find a production company, find money. Mortgaged my house, hired awesome fitness professionals, worked with Citizen Pictures (thanks Frank!), and shot a total body, yoga, pilates, cardio stretching, and core conditioning workout in a hotel room to simulate the real-feel of exercising in a hotel room. Delivered the workouts to the Video-on-demand companies. I was in close to a million rooms at one point, thanks to securing more contracts from a handful of VOD hotel-room programmers.

Never got rich from my idea. The digital platform changed before in-room pay-per-view fitness had a chance to get enough clicks. My experience did, however, create avenues for other revenue streams, which business mentors have told me is they way it usually goes. Success is truly an interpretive word. But I digress.

Circling back to the beginning of my blog thought: Travel & routine. You can stay fit and healthy on the road. Commit to some sort of movement by writing it in your i-calendar, even if it means doing lunges, push-ups, stretching, or walking up the stairs. You have to commit. You have to make yourself be accountable. Hotel fitness centers have improved and it's rare to not have a treadmill available. I love running (jogging/slogging) when I'm traveling. Yesterday, after a day flying from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, upon landing at my final destination, I followed my own advice and kept my routine, and my commitment. Win. Win.

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